Everything a novice investor needs. What do you need to know before starting investing? How to build your first balanced portfolio, and how to manage it? Non-boring approach to investing learning for those who want to build their wealth.

Is investing worth it? Benefits of investing

The tension in the air is growing stronger. The word “investing” reaches your ears more frequently with each passing day. It starts to haunt you in targeted ads, small talk, movies, and social

Quiz: Which Office investor are you?

There won't be any Dundie reward at the end of the quizz, but there will be something better. Everyone has their investment type, and Dunder Mifflin employers are not an exception.

How to start your investment journey?

Vasyl Matiy, a professional investor with ten years of experience in banking, investment, and asset management, has reviewed the Bakksy education bot for novices. And here’s what he can say about it: